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Meetup! Win stuff-free art supplies- portfolio review

***Important-directions to the room we're in!  When you get to Essex Studios, and you're standing in front of the genie in the parking lot- turn right and walk to the wooden steps. Climb them, and enter the building at the door at the top of the steps. Once inside, walk straight back until you reach the back wall, then turn right and walk straight. Studio 268 will be on the left side!  See you tonight!*****

We are having a meetup! Important facts:

1) Bring your portfolios for review and your questions for answering.
2) Win Stuff + get free stuff
3) Bring your art supplies that need to be re-homed

This is taking place at Essex Studios, Studio #268 (thank you to David Harz, it's his space) at 7:00 pm on Thursday Jan 28th aka in a couple of days.

2511 Essex Pl, Cincinnati, OH 45206
The door to Essex is kept locked but we will be there to let people in at 7:00pm,. If you RSVP I will look out for you. If you're going to be late or if you arrive late you can also text or call me (Darcy) and I will come let you in- (513) 304-9780

Please email me or reply to this post to rsvp so I know how many chairs to bring!

More details:

We will be giving away free Anomalisa posters to everyone who comes and we will also give 4 lucky people a free Behind the Scenes book about the making of Anomalisa since it is in wide release now.

Evidence of free stuff!
If you have a portfolio that you want reviewed or have any questions about anything animation related, also bring that along because this would be a good time to get that stuff answered.


Bring any art supplies or other animation-related stuff that you don't want anymore but you can't bring yourself to throw away, we are also having a supply swap!

Other people having a supply swap! Ours will be cooler.
 You don't have to bring anything to take stuff home but its a good opportunity to get some use out of stuff that's gathering dust at your place, and saving someone money in the process.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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