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Latin American Experimental Animation

The lovely folks at the Mini Microcinema are hosting a screening of Latin American Experimental Animation on Thursday, March 30th.

Curated By: Lina Aguirre & Cecilia Traslaviña

Experience a diverse selection of vibrant contemporary experimental animation from filmmakers in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Peru. The evening is organized and introduced by Cecilia Traslaviña, animator and professor in the art department of Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, and Ohio State alum Dr. Lina X. Aguirre. (Prog. approx. 120 mins., digital video).

Introduction and discussion led by Mauricio Espinoza, Assistant Professor of Spanish at the University of Cincinnati

Sponsored By: The Center for Film & Media Studies at The University of Cincinnati
Thursday, March 30th, 2017 Doors open at 7:00... Screening at 7:30Mini Microcinema 1329 Main St, Cincinnati, OH 45202 Free Admission, or a donation if you can afford it. Suggested Donation $5
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Animation Brunch and Live Music at RiverReel International Film Festival

The RiverReel International Film Festival is coming up this weekend in Cincinnati. It's chock full of independent live action films from around the world.

The thing I am hyperfocusing on, however, is the Saturday Brunch Fundraiser because it will feature the work of Robert Lyons, a NYC based experimental animator and optical fx artist:
Enjoy free coffee and opt for yummy eats as you listen to live music and enjoy an exhibition of experimental animation at this relaxed brunch benefitting the Cincinnati Film Society.
Delicious eats provided by our friends at A Catered Affair. The menu will include: Jumbo lump crab cakes with sweet corn and jalapeno; Shrimp po boy; Cheesy grits; Bread pudding with bourbon sauce, and Cajun chicken with a chicken broth based caper and lemon sauce. And of course, coffee. But, YOU MUST RESERVE IN ADVANCE.
The spotlight is on Robert Lyons, an NYC-based animation artist with a history in photographic and optical special effects. His film and TV credits in…

S.P.A.C.E. Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo!

The Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo (S.P.A.C.E.) is back for it's 18th year!
You never know what you'll find at S.P.A.C.E. A new favorite. An old one. Multiple genres are represented. People from the webcomics world. People who just do mini-comics. The show has creators just starting out. As well as creators who have been working on their craft for quite some time. Pro... amateur... the common thread is they're all creating their own thing.
There will be comics for both adults and kids!
Saturday March 25th: 10a-6p Sunday March 26th: 10a-5p Northland Performing Arts Center 4411 Tamarack Blvd Columbus, OH 43229
Free Admission!

Cincinnati Best of Ottawa 2016 Logistics

Tonight March 17 is the Best of Ottawa Screening!

I am going to be heading downtown from Hyde Park, I have 3 or 4 seats empty in my car if anyone wants to carpool down there (If so, email, my name is Darcy).

We are then meeting at 8pm in the Washington Square Garage to try to further reduce the number of cars we are trying to park in OTR. Around 8:15 we will be at Lucy Blue Pizza for noms and drinks, then around 9:00pm we will head to Woodward Theater for seats.

Lucy Blue Pizza is at 1126 Main St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Woodward Theater is at 1404 Main St, Cincinnati, OH 45202
And here is more info about the films that will be showing!

Rafael Rosado's Career in Storytelling

Check out Rafael Rosado's talk Monday, March 20th at 6:30 at Otto M. Budig Theater at NKU! This is a great chance to see how someone has managed to have a successful career in animation while living in Ohio.

He is an amazing illustrator and animator. He has storyboarded shows as diverse as Scooby Doo, Transformers, The Batman, Looney Tunes, Curious George and many others. He also illustrates graphic novels!

Make Running an Art Business Easier

The artistic brain works in mysterious ways. We as artists come up with weird ideas that no one else even bothers to think about, and we make connections between things that don't make logical sense sometimes. We are motivated and affected by color and mood and imagery in a way that non-artists don't understand. On top of this we also need to focus on these abstract subjects throughout our lives in order to develop our creativity and talent.

What ends up happening, I think, is that artists end up somewhat sheltered from reality, because we are busy creating our own!

A Rude Awakening
 Then one day you realize that you need to translate this unique outlook into an art-related business in order to stay alive and keep food on your table (or else risk giving up spending a majority of your time on the arts). You realize that business is all about forms and rules and decisions that are based completely on input from the outside instead of input that is developed from the inside. For …

Free- The Best of Ottawa International Animation Festival

Just wanted to post a reminder that this Friday the short independent animated films from the Ottawa International Animation Festival are playing in Cincinnati and it's FREE (which is amazing considering people in the industry spend hundreds to see it....)

The details:
Woodward Theater 1404 Main St Cincinnati, OH 45202 Friday Mar 17th, 9:00pm free admission!
Arrive early to be sure that you get a seat, I don't know how busy it will be. 
Also, if you are interested in meeting for a drink beforehand, like maybe at 16-bit, let me know ( and we can figure that out!
Hope to see you there! Let's show these people that Cincinnati is interested in animation!

Best of Ottawa 2016: International Tour
Running Time:  67 minutes
OIAF 2016 Signal Film | Andreas Hykade and Theodore Ushev | Germany & Canada | 1:20
Begone Dull Care 2015 | Paul Johnson | Canada | 3:48
Velodrool | Sander Joon | Estonia | 6:11
Nočna ptica (Nighthawk) | Špel…