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Upcoming Events

Next up:

May 2nd, 4pm-8pm
Art Film Play Group Work Session
The Mockbee
2260 Central Pkwy
Cincinnati OH 45214

May 3rd 7:00pm
Animation Directors Round Table
The Brew House
1047 E McMillan St
Cincinnati, OH 45206

May 4th, 7:00pm
Sixty Six Screening
Mini Microcinema
1329 Main Street
Cincinnati OH 45202

May 16th, 7:00pm
General Meeting
location TBD

May 18th, 7:00 pm
In the Kitchen of Jan Svankmajer: Svankmajer on Food
Mini Microcinema
1329 Main Street
Cincinnati OH 45202

Additional CAN and citywide events:

The following calendar is of life drawing classes that are being held at the Manifest Drawing Studio at 4905 Whetsel Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45227. The Manifest studio website is here:


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A model at your beck and call- Updated

Posemaniacs- I went to Christina Wald's class at NKU last week and had a nice time- we were talking about drawing and gesture drawing and one of the students mentioned this website- I checked it out and it looks pretty useful.

There are timed poses that you can use to practice gesture drawing at home, and the figures are flayed so you can see their musculature. Also you are able to rotate the figure as needed to understand better why certain things look the way they do-  and enable or disable a grid overlaying the image. Very cool!

Do you have any drawing reference sites that you like to use?

PIXELovely- this site has a timed setting as well as the option to choose nude or clothed figures, and it also has a section on animals!  The site is also working on getting enough donated to start a section based on practicing hands and feet, which would be great as well.
Figure Drawing Reference on Tumblr- this Tumblr page is updated 4 times a …

New Website

Hi there fair visitors!  We have a new website for the Cincinnati Animation Network now- please do come and visit, sign up for the mailing list, check out the fancy events section, find out about other orgs in Cincinnati.

See you there!

In the Kitchen of Jan Svankmajer: Svankmajer on Food

In the Kitchen of Jan Svankmajer: Svankmajer on Food
Presented By: Rom Wells

Rom Wells presents the work of Czech surrealist filmmaker/puppeteer/artist Jan Svankmajer! The program looks at the use of food in Svankmajer's work, presenting two shorts (Food and Meat Love) and the feature film Alice.

Thursday, May 18th, 2017
Mini Microcinema 1329 Main Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Doors open at 7:00pm, screening starts at 7:30pm
$5 suggested donation welcome if you have it