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It has come to our attention....

...that The Wind Rises by Miyazaki is great.

 It was also very nice to see the movie with a bunch of animators who are also obsessing over the animating grass and wind and crowd scenes and noticing weird things that civilians may not. After the movie, you get to talk about the stuff you noticed with people who know what you're talking about! It was quite fun.

It was different from his other movies because it was based on a real man's life. The animation made it possible to show Jiro Horikoshi's inner life, dreams, and imagination; you could really feel why he was so attracted to flight. It also had depictions of the Kanto Earthquake of 1923, the Great Depression, references the tuberculosis epidemic and also Japan's plunge into war.

I was super glad to see the folks who could make it- I couldn't say hi to everyone so- Hi to those I couldn't say hi to! I hope you all met each other or at least 1 new person.

 Depending on the box office numbers it may be closing at the Esquire after tonight so be sure to get your view in.

 And here is a link to a tumblr blog with a bunch of animated Miyazaki gifs. Hurrah!


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In the Kitchen of Jan Svankmajer: Svankmajer on Food
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