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Adobe Creative Cloud Petition

The Cloud approacheth.
Hey everyone!

So we were talking about the Adobe Cloud changes that were coming up and we are going to put together some information in the hopes of basically petitioning Adobe to not suck.

It also has more information about it that I read first like faqs from adobe etc.  I don't feel like just signing an online petition will necessarily do anything though, but it can't hurt.

I also found his facebook page:

And I have also found some numbers: 

Basically, if you are someone who updates your software version every couple of years the cloud would be ok for you.  If not, then it's a drain of money.

If I had purchased cloud instead of the last version I purchased, I would have paid $4000 by now for the same software wihtout any hope of the payments ever stopping. And that number would keep going up forever, and ever.

Even if you do always get the latest stuff there are is also
  • the idea of not being able to ever purchase the tools that our businesses are based on
  • having access to our own private and commercial artwork dependent on some company's whims
  • this question: do individuals need to have more than one subscription for personal /professional work? So they can gouge us more than once for the same person?
Anyway I suggest that people read this stuff, and then suggests reasons that Adobe Creative Cloud feels icky to you that we are going to put into a letter to send to them. Or if it doesn't feel icky also share that too.

What do you think?


  1. Here is one example of how the Adobe Creative Cloud is not a good idea: I recently installed Flash CS 6 and found that it can no longer export to Quicktime – I searched the web for this problem and apparently a lot of other users are having the same problem. The thing is that Flash CS 5 has no problem with exporting to Quicktime but Flash CS6 does. So my fix was to get my old copy of Flash CS 5 and re-install it. If the Creative Cloud is introduced there would be no way to reinstall an earlier version of a software – you wouldn't even be able to own a version that you could re-install. Many times an old version of software is just fine to do things and may even do some things better than the newer version. I hate the idea of having to rent the software and not owning it.


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